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How drunk is drunk enough?

The question on the table is how drunk is drunk enough?

The answer is that it is all matter of brain cells, every drink of alcohol kills a thousand brain cells, but doesn't really matter much, because we have billions more.

First the sad cells die, so you smile real big!.

Then the quite cells die, so you say every thing real loud for no reason at all!.

But that's ok!, because the stupid cells are next, so every thing you say is real smart!.

And finally!

Comes the memory cells, and these are real tough cells to kill!

Ok!, all humour aside, one of the questions that I have been asked is, had I been drinking?.

Let's say hypothetically I had perfect sight, and I was able to drive, and I went in to a bar and had a few drinks, I come out of the bar with car keys in my hand, I pause and think for a moment, and decide it would be better to walk, so I start walking, while walking from point A to point B police stop me, arrest, detain, and charge me for intoxicated in public place, should I be penalized for making a mature decision?.

Should you be penalized for making a mature decision?.

I am a person with a visual impairment on a meagre monthly pay check, and the only mode of transportation from point A to point B is walking, as person with a disability, should I be punished for walking from point A to point B regardless if I had a few drinks, or not?.

I lost my Eye sight from such a scenario, should I be forced to live my life, living in fear?, should you be forced to live your life, living in fear?, according to the justice system on how drunk is drunk enough?, the answer is none, as long as you look intoxicated is grounds for a arrest, and because police do not need evidence, they can stretch the truth and just simply say you were perceived intoxicated, and because the liquor act is under the criminal code, you would have a black smug on your record that would effect everything from car insurance to job opportunities, just because someone says so, does this seem fair to you?, it is the publics right to force change when there is injustice present, how much of your rights have you enforced to make positive changes to end the injustice?.

I think there are too many people intoxicated on power, and greed is more dangerous then any amount of alcohol!

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