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Are the courts Democratic and fair?

I had to find a way to fight a ticket in court, I went to legal aid looking for help, but was denied because I was not facing a jail sentence, so my only option was to fight the ticket on my own, at the time the only knowledge I had was very little information I gained from a criminal law course I took in my last year of high school, a few episodes of Matlock, and my two friends as witnesses, it is one thing to know your rights, it is completely another thing, to know what to do with them.

The day in court had a dozen other people fighting charges where the police made arrest for one charge, and gave a ticket for another charge, the officer at the court used his report as evidence, at least he claims it was his report, While reading the court transcript after the fact, I realized the officer at the court was not officer at the scene, the evidence in his report he used as evidence was "slurred speech, blood shot Eyes, stumbling, smell of alcohol on breath", I asked the officer some questions, why was the breathalyser not given?, why the colourful metaphors?, why was I denied a phone call?, and so on, every time I asked a question the officer would answer "standard procedure, for the safety of the defendent", some of the Questions I should have asked, if the officer has ever heard of Aniridia?, and why is it not mentioned in your report that I tried to inform you what Aniridia is?, I still don't understand how a judge can weigh "slurred speech, blood shot Eyes, stumbling, smell of alcohol on breath" as evidence because it is some ones opinion, and opinions does not make it a fact, I managed to over turn the ticket, but the judge completely ignored that my Eyes sight was more blurry after the incident, ignored any wrong doing by police, and the years of harassment from police, and I still how no idea how I had the ticket over turned, everyone else was pushed through, you hear bang of the gavel, then your guilty, my next appointment with my optometrist I had 20 / 200 vision, my question is, how was any thing that happened, and losing my Eye sight, for my safety?.

It is obvious why the blind are targeted, go and ask any police officer if any investigation where a blind person that was targeted was resolved, most are not resolved because the blind cannot identify the person that targeted the blind, police target the blind for the same reason, and the media will always call it a incident or accident because the media is controlled by the government, and no government will admit to targeting the disadvantaged, but mean while the government creates laws that target the disadvantaged, don't believe me!, look at how the liquor act is written.

Intoxicated in a Public Place

This law gives the police the power to unfairly detain, and charge anyone on the opinion of the police officer with no physical evidence, don't believe me, look at what this judge has to say.

In court

"anyone that is perceived to be intoxicated, and is in a public place, will be charged with intoxicated in a public place."
Judge N. Rohan

Even the court reports are in on the cover up.

Court transcript

"no persons shall be in a intoxicated condition in a place to which the general public is invited or permitted access."
Judge N. Rohan

Either way it is worded, I am not invited or permitted to be in public, because I am perceived to be intoxicated, and the allegation do not have to have physical evidence to support it, also means that the disabled are easy targets, which of course fuels the stats, telling the story that crime is on the rise, which means more police hired, more police makes more targeting, could you possibly have a more nazi structured society?, this is another example of immobilizing the disabled.

Don't believe me yet!, here is some more websites that give proof to the abuse the blind receive.


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Police carry Weapons to defend themselves, maybe I should get a Weapon to defend myself against the police, if the law will not protect me, maybe I have to take the law into my own hands.

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