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What lessons is education teaching?

In grade 7 I had a gym teacher was teaching the class about drugs, and a sign that someone is intoxicated on drugs is that the Eyes become dilated, and dilated is a dead give away if someone is using drug, I don't know if every school was teaching this, or just this teacher, I waited to the end of the class, and spoke to the teacher, with the difficulties I have articulating things in yo words, and because they’re was so little information at the time about the condition, the best way I could explain to the teacher, because I have no Iris, the teacher was teaching people to hate me because I have no Iris, and the teaching is wrong.

Less then a week later a student asks the teacher if some ones Eyes are dilated it is a sign they are intoxicated, he answers the question with yes, but did not continue explain that some one can be born with no Iris which could be interpreted as intoxicated, my talk with the teacher obviously had no effect, I got so upset, and angry I grabbed a meter stick and hit him over the head as hard as I could, ok!, maybe not the best response, but what do you do when words are not enough?, and don't have the information to explain it better, I had a deep concern that if the teachings continued something really bad was going to happen, but was unable to explain the reason for my emotion until the incident on march 1st, 2003.

Before I got to high school I was suspended twice, one count for fighting on the play ground for two weeks, the school never considered that I was being picked on, and the fights only occurred with the school bullies, and one count for hitting a teacher over the head with a meter stick for two weeks, the teacher was never penalized for his teachings, And the school board was never informed of the problems being created by the teachings.

The black board posed another challenge with my Eyes sight, and often penalized with low grades because of my low vision, which made learning difficult.

In grade 3 I just happen to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time, and I was accused of stealing money from the cookie sales, the fifth grade teacher in charge of the cookie sales punished me by placing me in the corner at the front of the class, I was innocent, I was not going to do punishment without a fight, so when the teacher placed a chair beside me, and told me to sit, I refused to sit, and told the teacher I did not do the crime, I stood there for the duration of the class, how many 8 year olds do you know can stand still for 40 to 60 minutes without moving, by standing my ground, eventually paid off, at the end of the class teacher apologized for wrongly accusing me. I mentioned this incident to make a point of how the learning curve works, if it works the first time against being falsely accused, it has to work again in the future when confronted with being falsely accused. I later learned that there are some situations that contradict this eureka moment.

Growing up as a kid I tended public schools like a lot of people, I don't know if this is the case in all schools, but the one's I attended, taught things in the sense of right or wrong, like stealing is wrong, failed to mention it is also a criminal law, I am not saying I was completely oblivious to the governing laws, and stealing was just example, but the point I am making is that the schools are inadequately teaching the laws of the country, and like many Canadians I tried to be a law abiding citizen as best as humanly possible, but with out the information of knowing the laws, people being taught the information that a sign of intoxication is dilated eyes, and the regulatory laws controlling the flow of information, makes every thing against the law, it is a crime to be born with no Iris, it is a crime inform the public that Aniridia exists, I am trapped because everything is against the law, I was informed by a duty lawyer that they're is a entire course on conflicting laws in Canada, and when a conflict of laws occurs, it is the interpretation of the laws by the judge that determines the outcome in a court, if you are a defendant, and the determination is entirely on the judges personal beliefs, and interpretation of the laws, which creates a situation that is no different then flipping a coin, how can any one walk into a court room innocent until proven guilty, when it is no different then a casino, just with out all the flashy lights, doesn't seem like anyone is really getting a fair trial, in Canada one law is equal to everyone, every human being has right to rights and freedoms, and if the laws were equal, I would not have had to write this website.

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