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what is right?, what is wrong?, why do people ignore the question and do what is easy?

The Courts were created over 300 years ago, to have a democratic process so that problems are resolved with words, not violence. The costs of a trial are in the thousands, how is someone from the poor class expected to be able to afford the costs of the courts to solve problems using words?. If the courts is a democratic process, why is it that I would not be able to be part of the process in the decision making of which judge is drawn for a trial (like a jury)?, if the judge I receive has prejudice beliefs that will deny a fair trial, so how am I going to have a fair trial?. Why is it that Hindu's can wear turbans in a court room for religious reasons, but I am unable to wear a hat and sunglasses for medical reasons?. Why is it that the courts do not provide forms in alternative formats such as dynamic digital format so that the blind and visually impaired would be able to read and fill in the forms?. Why is it that police do not carry, and hand out business cards with the name and badge number while identifying themselves, much like other professionals?. Why is it that there is no responsible body of people policing the police?. Why is it that agencies that were designed to protect human rights will not get involved in when the police and judges make decisions and accusations that make it a crime to be born with Aniridia?. Why is it that governments, agencies and organizations are not be held accountable?. Why is it people do what is easy, not what is right?. Why is it that no one will answer my questions?. Why is it that the truth of my reality is perceived as negative from other people and impossible to face?.

We all remember where we where, and what we were doing on September 11, 2003 as we watched the trade towers crumbling to the ground, it was a terrible thing that happened, but consider this, how did the bush administration respond to this terrorist attack, society teaches in schools, churches, I was taught by my parents, and by society that authority figures, police and government officials, the decision makers are roll models that are to be treated with respect, and society also teaches reacting to violence with violence is not the solution, but in my observations, bush administration declared war, and I have already mentioned some of my experiences with police, if the role models of society are resorting to violence, then they are sending the message that violence is the solution to everyone else in society, if they do it, it has to be ok for every one else, and people wonder why random violence is such a problem in society, the point I am making is in the future, in a situation were I am stopped by police, and I tried tell them I have Aniridia, but the situation continues to escalate, what is the appropriate action I should take?, do I react the same way as they would do, with violence?, and if there is another way to react, what is the non violent way that would protect what Eye sight I have left?.

If the incident on March 01 / 2003 happens again I will be forced into a situation where I will have to make a decision, co-operate with Police, and risk loosing more Eye sight, or try to defend myself risking injury, or death, so which do I decide?.

Through out my life I have always tried to disclose my disabilities to people about Aniridia, and Dysgraphia, and the problems I have had, for two reasons, the first is so they are informed, and the second is to get feed back from them, often the response I get is disbelief, until they have witnessed it for themselves, one of the most difficult problems I face when trying to articulate from what I have mentioned above, is how all the little pieces of the puzzle come together that create a web of red tape that has me tide down that causes a downward spiral of my quality of life, someone suggested a medical bracelet, the only problem is police are not trained to look at medical bracelets, so I got a medical bracelet engraved on June 10, 2008, but I have my doubts on how effective it will be in some situations.

When I approached my witnesses, and asked if they could give me testimonials, to give credibility to my story, they expressed emotions of apprehension, and fear, one made a comment "you are mowing over the rocks".

I could not understand they're emotion of fear until a came across a website that talks about the intoxicated in a public place law, police can make arrest just by saying a person was uncooperative, mouthing off, slurred speech, stumbling, blood shot Eyes, with no other supporting Evidence, and a person could be doing none of these things, but creates a difficult situation to disprove because it is the word of the police officer against the word of the other person, my thoughts are just because someone has a badge, doesn't mean they tell the truth, and how is this helping to reduce crime when police have the power to create criminals out of thin air?.

Intoxicated in a Public Place

My witnesses are afraid because if they help by giving testimonials, the police could interfere with they're life, and invade they're privacy, a single criminal charge would effect every part of a persons life, and would effect they're quality of life, and they're future.

While Researching the history of human rights in Canada, I came across an article on the internet about an election debate between Sir John A. MacDonald, and his arch rival George Brown in 1891. Sir John A. MacDonald was drunk at this debate. In fact so intoxicated he threw up on the stage. He left the stage, gained his composure, then came back on stage, and told everyone the views of his opponent made him sick to his stomach. What I found interesting after reading this article, is that over 100 years ago Canadians will elect a drunk Prime minister, and now any one that remotely looks intoxicated gets arrested.

Canada History

Is this a legal issue?, or is this a social issue, or is it both?, In my research I found a law book that refers to the attitudes of police is a mirror reflection of society, Maybe I am mowing over the rocks, but maybe by standing my ground, by placing this information on this website, and maybe the information you have gained, at least in a small way has already started a change, I can only hope the information has created a change in you, because I cannot miraculously grow a Iris, and I have no power over what other people do, the only person that can change you, is yourself!

would you do this for your Eye sight?

Scleral suspended Aniridia Lens Implant

Scleral suspended Aniridia Lens Implant is a artificial Iris implant for people with Aniridia, because the Iris is a foreign object, for the body not to reject the implant, the individual would have to take immune suppressants, which would make the individual number one candidate for any epidemic out brake such as SARS, or Swine Flu, so if I did this surgery a single virus would kill me, after the surgery my eyes would be more susceptible to bacteria build up on the Eyes, which would cause further deterioration of Eye sight, also there is no guarantee my Eye sight would improve, not to mention the physical pain of the healing process after the surgery.

The only solution given to me, came from a doctor wanting to write a prescription for antidepressants medication, antidepressants has been known to cause obesity, and obesity has been known to cause depression, how does this solution solve any of the problems illustrated on this website?, I find this to be a unsatisfactory solution!

with a little research!, I found experts from any field, are often more interested in the profits they make, then the lives they effect.

A) Has your actions or words contributed to the ethical nightmare of my reality?, B) Has your actions or words contributed to the effect of resolving the problems of the ethical nightmare of my reality?, if you answered A) YES!, B) NO!, you have a very series mental illness, and a physiatrist will be happy help you, tell the doc to mail my commission check for the referral.

Favours often come with strings attached for favours in retuned, don't do me any favours because I have nothing offer in return, it would be disrespectful to lead you to believe otherwise, I will offer respect, I will give you respect, and the only condition that applies is that you give me respect!

The Government will give billions in 2009 to the automobile industry, the automobile produces one thousand times more toxics poisons greenhouse gas than the tobacco products, tobacco products are discouraged for physical health reasons, but the automobile industry is encouraged not for physical health reasons, but for economic health, which translates into profits at the expense of physical health of us!.

The disabled and children are particularly vulnerable to the trap line set by society, outcasts by status norm struggling to find solutions to the problems they face, can easily find themselves in circumstances where the quality of life is in a downwards spiral.

I have intense urge to hunt down every individual that made a decision, that played a role that led me to be robbed of my Eye sight, and rip there Eye balls out of there head, so they know what blindness feels like, every thing from doing laundry and having difficulties seeing the buttons, to constantly having to request assistance in stores to help find some items, to people asking why I carry a white cane, are reminders of the loss of sight caused by the decision of someone else, which only intensifies and fuels the intense urge to teacher these individuals a lesson, the same way they treated me, how much suffering is enough, what is the minimum requirement of suffering before a person is permitted to exist in this world?, this is not about forgiveness, this is about trust!, how do I trust people like police, when police stole my Eye sight, how do I trust people that made the miserable reality I have to live in?.

If police cannot be trusted, why is it that police can carry weapons to defend themselves, but I am not permitted to carry a weapon to defend myself against police?.

If you rob from a bank, the bank would want the money returned, so why is it when police steal my Eye sight they are not required to return my Eye sight?.

When words are not enough to resolve a conflict, the media tells us that violence is the only option, if there is another option what is it?

Had enough of the real reality of our world?, me too!, I wish I could snap my fingers and the pain and suffering would end, snap my fingers again and a cure for blindness would appear, snap my fingers again and the downward spiral caused by this reality would suddenly go in reverse, but no matter how many times I snap my fingers, it wont help!, because the help has to come from you!

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