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Do you have the right to decide who has the right to Exist?

Canada is blessed with an abundance of nature. We have more than 70,000 wild species, the longest coastline in the world, 30 percent of the world's boreal forest, 25 percent of the world's wetlands, and 43 national parks and reserves covering nearly a quarter of a million square kilometers, and the most multi-cultural country in the world. Just to list some of Canada's Treasures. Is there any room in this world for Aniridia?

Many of the people I have known since high school, have gotten houses, cars, boats, been able to do fun activities like camping, and have traveled, enjoying the status symbols of success, when friends call, and say, lets get together and do this, often I have to say I have no money, and miss out on opportunities.

Liquor stores, beer stores, restaurants, and bars are also examples of places that deny services based on perception, I am not saying I am trying to find the solution to my problems at the bottom of bottle, what I saying is that I want to be able to have the same rights as others, to work and play, to be able to enjoy what life has to offer. Many of the freedoms people take for granted are denied to me.

True there are many non-profit organizations, and government agencies there to help in Canada, but here is the thing, to qualify you have to meet the minimal requirements, if you have all the requirements but one, you do not qualify, often I fall between guidelines, have some of the requirements, but not all, putting me in that grey area, or no mans land, I am tapping into the resources that are available, but it doesn't seem to be enough, and any unexpected expenses can only come from shelter and food.

Because of the situations I find my self in, it scares people, Eyes sight makes it a challenge to meet new people, because you have to see them, before you can greet them, and because I have no status symbols, it is impossible to give the image of a provider, a man that can bring home the bacon, pardon the cliché, but that's the stereo type people have, so I have never been married, and have no kids.

In Toronto there have been numerous protests, I normally don't watch the news, but one day I was flipping the channels, and CityTv news was on, and they were talking about how every peaceful protest in Toronto that CityTv has coved from 1997 to 2007 has resulted in police firing tear gas, and bean bags, agitating violence before any violence was present.

Imagine yourself in my shoes, imagine when you cry tears don't touch you cheek, you have to wear hats and sunglasses that covering you face, now in third person look in the mirror at yourself, can you tell what non verbal emotions you are expressing?, now imagine you have to express every emotion in words, and the difficulty of expressing language is your second disability, could you explain to the world, and articulate the problems, and challenges caused by bias, narrow minded, ignorance, and put it in a format that everyone could understand.

Want to switch Eyes?

Your probably shaking head, and thinking no way!

Ok!, how about a year?, so you can walk in my shoes!

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