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Is health care creating hurt or healing?

When I was 9 years old I had allergic reaction to something which caused the skin on my Eye blister, a series of doctors at the hospitals made some misdiagnoses, that gave me a treatment that left a ring around the lens on one Eye, I had no idea what the doctors were talking about in this particular incident, but I will never forget the experience with the doctors assistant, the protocol was for the assistant to measure the size of my Iris using a piece of a electronic equipment that the hospital got one week earlier, the assistant did not mention she was trying to measure the Iris, so it was not mentioned that I had no Iris, the assistant starts scratch her head, I don't under stand why I can't see any thing, turns out that she had The equipment backwards, and I was looking at her Iris, under magnification the Eye is a beautiful thing, she turns equipment the right way around, and looks through, she replies still can't see your Iris, maybe something wrong with the equipment, my mom was there, and told her I have no Iris, the assistant replies that is why I can't see anything, we all had a good laugh, I donít really understand anything that was going in this incident with all the medical terminologies, and the tests never showed what caused the allergic reaction, I mentioned this incident because there were doctors when I was growing up that never heard of the condition, the next appointment I had with my optometrist I had 20 / 60 vision.

There was a incident where I had a bad case of the flu, when I was 19. I looked, and felt like I was intoxicated, I was in bad shape, employers generally require a doctors note, so I went to the hospital, at the check in, I was requested to give a blood sample, they did not tell me why, and in my condition I did not think to ask why the blood sample, right behind me was a girl with the flu, in 2 hours the girl was checked in, and checked out, I was still waiting to be seen by a doctor, because I had to wait for the blood test to come back, from check in to check out took 4 hours, at the time I had no way of showing that I had a condition with no Iris, no medical bracelet, no CNIB card, it wasn't until I recovered from the flu I realized the reason why I had to wait much longer than everyone else that had the flu that came in after me, was because they were checking to see if any substances were in my blood stream, I don't why they didn't just ask me if I was intoxicated, then I could of told them I have Aniridia, which would have avoided the torture of the long wait, when I really wanted to be in bed, the part that really scares me, what if it was a real life threatening emergency, and I was unable to talk, I would be dead before a blood test comes back, in my life there could have been a hundred people, including my parents, teachers, doctors, that could have mentioned getting a medical bracelet, which would have, well I hope would have avoided the situation of discrimination at the hospital, now with the marvels of the internet, and having a medical bracelet, If available back then, would have saved me a lot of heart ache in my earlier years.

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