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A sound society does not develop from foolish, cursory prohibitions.

It is, rather, the outcome of a thoughtful, thorough process of education of individuals, who, in full freedom respecting their own and others rights, have all the tools to choose what is best for them and their own lives.


"I was just surprised because I was looking around and then I just looked in the cup and the ball was there,"
Simon said, of his hole-in-one.
Blindness no limitation for young golfer

"Running blind is difficult", states Dr. Timmer. "Living with a learning disability is even more difficult. Running has been a life-changing event for me. It is a tangible reminder that challenges are meant to be overcome. So I am going to keep running and I hope to promote literacy while I do it. I wanted to show that if you try hard enough you can make things happen."
Dr. Timmer.
Blind Runner Sets Another World Record in Support of Literacy

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