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My name is Dave. I am writing this website to inform you of Aniridia, and some of the problems I have had as a result, and how it has effected my life. There many videos scattered through my story, they are as important as my story. I was born with Aniridia, which is an Eye condition that prevents the development of the Iris to form.

There are different conditions caused from the mutation of the Pax 6 gene (Cats Eyes, absent Iris, Learning Disability). The condition I was born with, was no Iris at all, but with the exception of a thin blue circle, which makes my Eyes more sensitive to light, and room light can be Perceived as bright, Aniridia occurs approximately 1 in 40,000 people.

Eye sight is measured using 2 numbers, the first number 20 represents standard of what perfect vision is, and the second number represents how many feet a person with perfect vision has to stand from a object, to see the same thing, so if you stand 20 feet from a object and can see the same thing that the person with perfect vision can see, you have 20 / 20 vision.

I also have Dysgraphia, a form of Learning disability, which basically translates into difficulties to learn language, so I basically got a double whammy; I some times have difficulty articulating what I am trying to say into words.

Back when I was a kid, my Eyesight was just a tad worse then 20 / 20, and the condition had no name, so only way I could explain the condition to people was to say I have no Iris.

The technology for glass was not what it is today, the only prescription glasses available was these ugly metal frame, bright orange lens glasses, at the time a lot people were not wearing glasses, and the bright orange lenses offended people, now people see orange lenses as trendy, but back then it created some barriers.

School was a nightmare, bullies would beat me up, and steal my ugly bight orange glasses, and every day a search would have to be done to find the glasses, on top of the school, in trees, down sewers, and some times the glasses were broken.

To make matters worse the school in grade 2 made the decision to build a cubical in the corner of the class room, and alienated me from the rest of the class, and the teacher tried every thing to try and make me wear the ugly bright orange glasses, bribery, threats.

I knew the importance of having to wear the glasses, but the light passing through the orange lens seem to make light even more bright, which put a strain on my Eyes, the school did not educate the other kids on the condition, maybe because they're was so little information on the condition, I was just thinking about survival, not getting beaten up, and trying to fitting in, the segregation from the other class mates solved none of the problems, and these circumstance may of contributed to the deterioration of eye sight to 20 / 40.

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