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Are Organizations & Agencies providing services they promise to provide?

Most of the tear ducts are sealed, making my Eyes more prone to getting dry, and blood shot, and the perception I receive from most people is that I am intoxicated, and it happens far to often.

One such incident occurred at a church. A Christian asked me not to come to church intoxicated. This boggles my mind, how 95% of the population of the world believes in a God they cannot see, but have great difficulty in believing that a person can be born with no Iris.

Another example of a incident that occurred at a non-profit company for people with disabilities. This staff member believed that I was intoxicated. Believed it so much, that this staff member thought they could smell alcohol on my breath, this is good example when the mind plays tricks because they're was no alcohol on my breath, Hannah, the person I was looking for was on lunch break, so I went back after lunch, I would say no more then thirty minutes later, and Hannah tells me the story that the staff member told her, Hannah smells my breath, and can not even detect a hint of alcohol on my breath, which leads into a brief conversation on how the senses can create allusion of some thing, when that some thing is not present, after this incident, it made me wonder, how many times does the senses fool people in other situations.

To be legally sighted is having 20 / 20 vision or better, and legally blind is having 20 / 200 vision, and anything in between is referred to as the grey area, also known as no mans land, most of my life I have lived in no mans lands, my Eye sight was to bad to get a drivers licence, and to good to be considered legally blind, to qualify to get a Canadian National institute of the blind card, which you have to be legally blind, or 20 / 200 vision, or worse to qualify.

I asked the president of communications at CNIB national office, if CNIB educates the public about Aniridia, I was told yes, if this is true, why is it, in over 24 incident's with police, not a single one heard of Aniridia, and in every case I was called or perceived a liar?, a verbal agreement is just as binding as a written contract.

The Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) will only cover up to $450 for rent / mortgage and utilities, if more then $450 the individual must use the money provided for food and basic needs, ODSP will only cover up to $450 for food and basic needs, ODSP will only cover glasses with prescription up to $150, ODSP will only cover other medical needs if they are generic drugs, ODSP will only cover transportation if it is for surgery or to see a specialist on a monthly bases (this is another example of immobilizing the disabled), ODSP will only provide allowance for the first 3 months of employment (most companies have a probation period of 1 or more years), if the individual had employment and is required to reapply for ODSP because of termination, the individual is required to pay back to ODSP what ODSP paid to the individual while in employment (talk about being penalized for trying), if the individual starts a business, ODSP will not carry forward a minus amount and will be recorded as a $0 (talk about improper accounting practices), a individual on ODSP can not have more then $5,000 in assets (guaranteed way to keep the individual powerless), if the individual exceeds a income of $160 the ODSP allowance will be garnished (guaranteed way to keep the individual poor), ODSP will not cover court or legal costs, ODSP will not advocate on behalf of the disabled, ODSP will not provide money, resources, or equipment to over come hurdles or obstacles, ODSP will not provide for schooling or training, any individuals that collects OSAP money for schooling will have ODSP allowance for living expenses garnished (guaranteed way to keep the individual unsuccessful), all income, expenses, assets, and liabilities must be reported monthly, any individual on ODSP must report if they leaving the province (talk about invasion of privacy), could you possibly have a more nazi structured society?, this is another example of immobilizing the disabled.

I am struggling to survive on what the Ontario Disability Support Program (O.D.S.P.) gives in allowance for shelter, and food, O.D.S.P. will pay for prescription glasses, but because prescription glasses do not improve my Eye sight, I just need a good pair of sunglasses because my Eyes are sensitive to light, O.D.S.P. has given me the run around, in the deliberate attempt so they do not have to pay for non-prescription sunglasses, so the cost has come out of the food, and shelter, money that I receive, Optical places generally do not carry a good selection of sunglasses, right now all I have is a cheap $20 pair of sunglasses you can get at a gas station, and I am still looking for the perfect pair that are comfortable, and functional.

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