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The challenge of perceptions!

So far the content on this web site has been 6 years in the making, and will probably continue to be work in progress, story telling is a art form, and a talent that will probably take a life time for me to master, so please visit my website from time to time, to see if they're are any updates.

In a sighted world the more sight lost, the greater the challenges, mobility is a freedom that many people with visual impairment and the blind often run into barriers, since the enactment of the Canadian bill of right in 1985 there has been some advancements in mobility and navigation of a person with vision impairment and the blind, however there are still a great deal of dependence on the sighted people within the individuals network, if the network is to small and / or the dependence is to great, the network begins to collapse or erode away, in turn effects the mobility of the individual, the size and strength of a network often dictates the outcome of ones life, with or without a disability, if your first impression is that the person is intoxicated, would you be friends with them?, no network means no support, no support means no freedom of movement, the concept of the effects on mobility are broad, they come in many shapes and forms, the variety of mobility issues can differ greatly and different for each person, the freedom to move is a large component that dictates the outcome ones life, but often controlled by environment factors that are outside the individuals control, in my life I have experienced many environment factors that are outside my control, that have effected my mobility and the freedom to move.

Perception is the way you perceive the world with the knowledge you know!

I had a friend that is near blind ask a question, how do you explain light and dark to someone that has never had sight?, because a sighted person asked my friend, do you see darkness?, I put much thought into this question and realized light and darkness is a perception that only the sighted has experienced, also I realized the more I explained light and darkness in the sense of black and white the more confused looked on my friends face, so the next day I sent a email.

Dear Friend

The other day you had asked about light and dark, for the sighted people light and dark perception is something learned 3 days after birth, but for you light and dark is a completely different proposition, light and dark are completely different ends of the spectrum, and variation of light and dark are like a sliding tone scale, best way to explain the sliding tone scale is with sliding tone scales you have already experienced to be able to relate what a sight person perceives, below are is a example of a sliding tone scale.


In this example imagine a piano, on the far right of the piano is a high note, and on the far left of the piano is the a low note, and in between are the notes that make up the sliding tone scale, intense light could be represented by the high shrill of the high note, and pitch darkness could be represented by the low thump of the low note, and all the other notes would represent the sliding tone scale of varying degrees of light or darkness, if you play the far left key on the piano, then hit every key in sequence to the right, your ears would perceive the piano going from darkness to light like the sighted person would perceive a sun rise, and if you play the far right key on the piano, then hit every key in sequence to the left, your ears would perceive the piano going from light to darkness like the sighted person would perceive a sun set.

Like I said before light and dark is a completely different proposition for you, but with the knowledge of the sliding tone scale for sound, maybe you would be better able to understand the sliding tone scale of sight, I hope this helps to answer your question.

David Best
Aniridia Changing Perception

There are 6 tone scales that make up the perception of reality, Sight, Sound, Taste, Touch, Smell, and Emotions, which makes up the grey scale, If you think in terms of black and white you're a logic thinker, if you think in terms of grey scale you're a fussy thinker, and if logic thinking is a false perception of the real reality of the world, and if fussy thinking is a true perception of the real reality of the world, how much of your perception of the real reality of the world is truth?.

A Partly True Story

If living with Aniridia is not in black, and If living with Aniridia is not in white, but some where in the middle, what is the solution for someone living with Aniridia in a world that only has black and white solutions?.

I wrote a letter talking about Aniridia, the problems I was having, and how it was effecting my life, I sent out over one hundred letters to police, government, and the media, the Human Rights Commission, my MP, and my MPP are just some of many that have responded to my letters "not are jurisdiction", my question is who's jurisdiction is it?.

There are tools for every job, and I would need tools to repair the damages, and make the world a better place. Roofers have hammers, accountants have calculators, and the tools I need to do my job would require a full, and complete pardon from the lies, and rumours, have my record fully cleared. Make it mandatory that all police in Canada are required to provide 360 hours annually fund raising, and advocating for Aniridia, and other Disabilities, a restraining order against the police would be nice, and $164 trillion CAD to repair the damages. By finding a cure for Aniridia, and the development of coping strategies, solutions, inventions, and innovations. By improving the quality of life, and creating opportunities for people that would other wise be denied opportunities.

I want my Eye sight, I want every thing that was stolen from me, returned to me, I realize this seems unreasonable to most people, but consider this, if it happened to you, would you feel any different?

Reputation defined by Wikipedia a online resource,

"Reputation is the opinion (more technically, a social evaluation) of the public toward a person , a group of people, or an organization. It is an important factor in many fields, such as business, online communities or social status."

In a world where Reputation has great importance,

"I repeat: Today we're in an all-out war for reputation. Our companies are battling - to an unprecedented extent - for our most vital assets: our own identities."
Abbott chairman and CEO Miles D. White

Another problem that I have had in articulating to people is the effect bias; narrow-minded ignorance has had on my reputation, and the hardest problem to explain, the Mount Everest challenge to convey to people, is how one problem is leaning on another problem, and that problem is leaning another problem, and that problem is leaning another problem, and eventually the last problem is leaning on the first problem creating a vicious cycle of never ending problems, and to many of the problems, any solutions to eliminate a problem is bared by law, my only crime was being born with Aniridia, and I have been labelled a criminal, with no way out, and no help line to call.

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