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Are police protecting or serving?

I have had allot of harassment from police, stopped at bus stops, walking down the street, getting the third degree questioning "do you have drugs?", "have you been drinking?", "do you have weapons?", "are you high", "you look out of it!", when I answer they're questions with no, I have not been drinking, and I have not been doing drugs, I have Aniridia, I get responses of disbelief, and call me a liar, they search me, find nothing, and disappear as fast as they showed up, when I ask them to identify them self's, they refuse to tell me there name and badge number, the law makes it easy to label someone as a criminal, and impossible to prove discrimination, and to protect human rights, my only crime was being born with Aniridia, and no way to prove it.

One incident on March 1st, 2003 with the police, I was walking down the street talking with two friend, a police cruiser pulls up behind us, we stop walking, the cop gets out the car, walks up to me, pushes me into the car and starts pulling stuff out my pocket, treating me like common criminal, I ask him what I did, he replies "breaking into a lumber yard", I had no idea there was a lumber yard in the area, I tell the police officer that I have Aniridia, and I have the right to walk down the street, he responds "your under arrest", handcuffing my hands behind my back, I ask why i am being arrested?, he responds "mouthing off", how is informing the police that I have Aniridia, and the right to walk down the street constitute as being belligerent, or uncooperative?.

Down at the station I ask to make a phone call, he replies "no you watch to much television", I ask why I am not allowed a phone call, he replies "for your safety", it was the coldest night of the year, and there was little heat at the back of station where lock up is, I was striped of my winter clothing, all possessions including my watch, placed in a cell with two other guys, one waiting trial for murder, and the other waiting trial for two counts of assault, the cell had no water, just a toilet covered in someones vomit, in a cell that smelled really bad, When you have no way of keeping track of time, and the cold, makes time go by very slowly, and this is some how for my safety.

Several hours later I was released, I was told to sign a piece of paper that I got all my possessions back, I tell the officer, If I am going to sign, I want to check, and make sure everything is there first, the officer responds "leave the station or I will arrest you again", I was given my stuff, a ticket for "Intoxicated in public place", then I left, the sun was very bright, unable to see, and my sunglasses buried some where at the bottom of a plastic bag containing my stuff, I am feeling around trying to find the sunglasses, when a cruiser pulls up, and the officer starts yelling at me to get off the property, I try to explain that I need my sunglasses for my Eyes, the next part I will spare you the colourful metaphors used, the officer replies basically "I donít care about your Eyes, get off the property or I will arrest you", I found my sunglasses and I left, gladly!.

I noticed a Noticeable difference in my vision, but was unaware of the extent of the damage to my eye sight.

I still have know idea how any of this was for my safety, it took nine months from the incident to find out how to fill a police complaint, because the police refused to tell me how, and lawyers wanted more money then I could afford, I did manage to find a legal attorney eventually that showed me the process nine months after the incident.

It boggles my mind that if someone commits a crime against another person, the police can investigate, and chase that person till a conviction is made; And in some cases more then 20 years. Police have all this money, and all these resources, to chase someone as long as it takes; But if the police commits a crime against a civilian, the civilian with limited money, resources has 6 months to fill out a police complaint form; Which goes to the chief of police. It doesn't take a person with allot of smarts to figure out, the complaint is just going to end up in the shredder, by this point the six month period had passed, and my complaint was denied, I appealed the decision and was denied, I found out some years later that the police have the power to over turn the decision made by the public complaint board.

So basically the disabled are tied down by red tape while nazi thugs are taking cheap shots, could you possibly have a more nazi structured society?, this is another example of immobilizing the disabled.

On March 01 / 2003 I was arrested on the only grounds of being born with Aniridia, any future attempted arrests by police is a cause of DOUBLE JEOPARDY, which will give every indication the police have hostile aggression before any hostile aggression was present, giving me the right to defend myself by any means necessary.

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