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Are companies ignoring Human Rights?

Macdonalds closes the public area at night, but keeps the drive through open 24 hours, I was hungry late one night, and took a walk to my local Macdonalds, when I arrived they just locked the doors to the restaurant, so I knock on the window for the drive through, when they open the window I placed my order, they reply "Sir!, we cannot serve you because you do not have 4 wheels on the ground", so I went home, put my roller blades on, I returned to Macdonalds, and knocked on the window, and place my order again, I point down at my feet as I raised one foot off the ground, now I have four wheels on the ground, they reply "Sir!, you must have a motorized vehicle to go through the drive through", I have spoken to other people that have been refused service from fast food places because they either can not get drivers licence, or can not afford to get a car, not only does this policy discriminate those that do not drive, but gives incentive for someone that is drunk, and hungry, to get behind a wheel.

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