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Unemployment close to 90 percent for blind and visually impaired Canadian people!

My Dad was born with Aniridia, he worked for a division of Air Canada before it got bought out, he had to work for the same company for 10 years before getting his first year pin, denied pay raises, and promotions because of discrimination in the workplace. A lot of work in the area where I live is general labour, warehouse, and construction type of work, the issues that kept being raised was intoxication, and companies have the right fire any one they feel is unsafe, I try to explain I am not intoxicated, I have Aniridia, but because I am in that grey area I had no way of showing any proof, which brings up the next issue of safety because of my visual impairment, which creates a problem of disclosure, disclosure is up to the preference of the person with a disability, if I do not disclose my disability I am unsafe because I am perceived as intoxicated, if I do disclose I have a disability I am perceived unsafe because of a visual impairment, I have worked for several large reputable companies that claim to have a anti-discrimination policy, and what they do is hire a lot of employees, then have massive layoffs some months later, and I seem to always end up with my job on the chopping block, making it impossible to prove any discrimination occurred, almost every place I worked they're were rumours circulating of people gossiping that someone thought I was coming to work drunk, or high on drugs.

I had seen a U.S. stat several years ago that 90% applicant for a job never get a call back because of discrimination, and the applicant is completely unaware they were discriminated.

Blind and visually impaired people face an unemployment rate of over 70 per cent, regardless of educational attainments.

unemployment among blind Canadians of working age is close to 90 percent, a statistic that would set any other class of persons into revolt.

Because I was unable to hold a job for 2 years or longer, I was denied CPP Disability, it's like discriminating someone because they were discriminated.

could you possibly have a more nazi structured society?, this is another example of immobilizing the disabled.

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